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YouStartIT #1 - Call for Startups

Five startups selected to be part of our first business acceleration programme and receive a pre-seed investment of €22,000

About the call
The MITA Innovation Hub (MIH) offered a pre-seed investment of €22,000 to FIVE startups for a proof-of-concept based on the development of an innovatively designed solution addressing one of the following themes:
  • Theme A – any business idea that addresses a defined problem executed through digital technologies – up to three startups funded
  • Themes B & C – learning financial literacy and science through games – up to two startups funded
Selected startups get an opportunity to follow a programme as they research, build and test their prototype with the support of a mentor. Just-in-time training on understanding and starting an enterprise is also provided. Click on the link below to get the full details about the programme and pre-acceleration events as originally advertised.


Next Milestone - Acceleration Phase
Understanding Enterprise
Understanding Enterprise is part of a series of training seminars organised by the MITA Innovation Hub (MIH) for the selected startups forming part of the YouStartIt Intake. These seminars, delivered by Prof. Russell Smith from Takeoff Business Incubator, will be held over four consecutive Saturday mornings, starting on the 29/10/2016, and will among other cover the following topics:
  • Enterprise business structure
  • Intellectual property
  • Business models
  • Digital marketing
Previous event - Pitching Event
Date & time: Saturday 8th October 2016, 09:30 - 15:30
Place: MITA Data Centre, Old Railway Track, Sta Venera
9:30-10:00              Registration
10:00-10:15            Introduction (Alex Borg)
10:15-12:15            Pitches - Theme A
12:15-13:00            Lunch Break
13:00-13:15            Keynote Speaker (Deborah Webster - 100 Ways in a 1000 Days)
13:15-14:15            Pitches -  Theme A
14:15-15:00            Pitches - Theme C/Judge Deliberation of Theme A starts
15:00-15:15            Coffee Break/Judge Deliberation of Theme C starts
15:15-15:30            Closure and Award (Alex Borg)
The following is the final list of startups that pitched their idea to a panel of judges at the YouStartIT pitching event.
Startup, Business Idea, StartUp Coordinator
Automated Controllers,  Smart AC App: Combining the IoT with PLC, Jesmond Gatt 
CrowdReact,  CrowdReact: Polling Platform, Gabriel Farrugia
Finitekit,  Wealth Planner: Personal Financial Planning App, Stephen Guy
Freshy,  Freshy: App to Address Food Wastage, Anatoliy Gatt
GreenIt,  GreenIt: Educational Game (Climate Change), Gabriel Farrugia
Guerrilla Limited,  Guerrilla: WiFi & Audience Analytics, Samuel Sultana
iLuxe Space,  iLuxe Space: Home Remodelling, Design & Property Services, James Borg
Kaizen Direct,  The Wizards’ Citadel : Educational Game (Chemistry), Rossitza Slavova
MB Apps,  Know Your Tenant: Rental Property Website and App, Shirley Spiteri Mintoff
Paisly Cloud,  Paisly Cloud: Educational Game (Cloud Appreciation), Monique Chambers
Placeholder Interactive,  Ari & Light: Educational Game (Light Physics), André Xuereb,
Prime 8,  Prime 8: An SMEs Platform in the Creative and Cultural Sector, Martin Bonnici
Registrator,  Registrator: Electronic Document Sharing, Branko Stojakovic
Riix Software,  Anti-bullying Incident Reporting & Management System, Reuben Borg
SMSwarriors,  SMSwarriors: Notification and Bulk SMS Marketing Platform, Jonathan Caruana
Squarebased,  Squarebased: Educational Game (Our Body), Ella Samut Tagliaferro
THATSpace,  THATSpace: Mobile Working App, Eman Mifsud
Timely Ltd,  Spoilt: Online Fashion Platform, Daniel Fenech
Travellearn,  Travellearn: Learn Life by Travelling, Cristina Garcia Guillen
At the end of this event, the following five startups were selected to be part of the YouStartIT intake and receive the Euro 22,000 pre-seed investment. No ideas were submitted against Theme B.
Freshy, GreenIt, Placeholder Interactive, Riix Software, and THATSpace
Info & Networking Session and Design Thinking Workshops 
38 startup founders attended the Info & Networking event of Thursday 4th August at the MITA Innovation Hub premises in SmartCity. The purpose was to provide more information about our programme, outline conditions governing the call, and identify the key milestones against which the cash injection is disbursed, plus a lot more details. This was followed by a question and answer session. Download the presentation here.
Full house for Design Thinking workshops 1 & 2 of Saturday 20th August and Tuesday 30th August. Both very engaging sessions with 30 startup founders and ideators 'diverging' and 'converging' their ideas, and then drawing up their storyline in preparation for giving shape to their idea. We really regret we had to turn down a few last minute registrants, but places unfortunately were limited.

PwC talk on understanding incorporation in Malta 
Date & time: Tuesday 6th September 2016, 17:45 - 19:00
Venue: MITA Data Centre, Old Railway Track, Sta Venera

This is an opportunity for applicants of the YouStartIT programme to understand the process of registering their startup as a business undertaking in Malta. Experts from PwC will be delivering a 45-minute talk which will be followed by a question and answer session.

Programme Timeline
Call Publication - Mon 11th Jul 2016
​Information & networking event - Thu 4th Aug 2016
​Design Thinking session 1 (morning) - Sat 20th Aug 2016
​Design Thinking session 2 (ev​ening) - Tue 30th Aug 2016
​Proposal deadline - Tue 27th Sep 2016 (1200hrs)
​Evaluation - Wed 28th Sep to Fri 7th Oct 2016
​Pitch your ideas night - Sat 8th Oct 2016
​Project kick-off* - Mon 10th Oct 2016
Training Seminars*‡ - 29th Oct – 19th Nov 2016
​Demonstration of prototype* - Mon 27th Jan 2017
Submission of BP & Final Report* - Mon 24th Feb 2016
* Event date and time subject to change.
† Details about the venue will be communicated through our website.
‡ Sessions to be held on four consecutive Saturday mornings.
What else you should know about the call
Carefully read the Call Document and the Letter of Award. You may omit reading Annex 1 completely if you are interested only in Theme A (any business idea).
Consult our FAQs YouStartITFAQs.pdf​​ here before sending us an email with any queries. Should you have any further queries you can write to us on​ or call +356 2599 2207.
Some events on our timeline may change, so always watch out for any updates about planned activities and related venues on this webpage. Ensure you attend our Info & Networking session to understand better what is expected from you and what are the gains and opportunities of the acceleration programme.
Remember to attend our Design Thinking sessions if you want your idea to gain an edge over your competition. Before submitting your proposal ensure you first consult our checklist YouStart​ITchecklist.pdf​​
If you are an EU national and a non-resident you are eligible to apply. If you are a third party country national (e.g. US, Russia, Ukraine, etc.) ensure you first check residency permit requirements. Check our FAQs for more details.
YouStartIT programme terms and conditions
The selected Startups will be required to sign a Letter of Award appending all the terms and conditions governing this call.
Formative Training
The MIH will provide approximately 30 contact hours of workshops and seminar based training as part of the call. The training will consist of: a) Two (2) sessions of Design Thinking workshops as part of pre-acceleration. These will be available to anybody interested to participate in the call, and are aimed to help prospective teams understand the general scope of the call, better shape and validate their ideas and submit a proposal that meets the criteria. Participation in these workshops is highly recommended. b) Four (4) six-hour training seminars aimed to boost the knowledge of the Startup members. Topics covered include forms of business incorporation, product or service definition, business planning, financial statements, business budgets, management and control, intellectual property, marketing, raising business finance, debt and equity, and other topics relevant to early stage startups. These seminars are mandatory for all members of the Startups winning the calls.


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