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 8 startups selected to follow YouStartIT#3 equity free acceleration programme worth €22,000 per project ​ 
Following Pitch Day 24 February 2018, the following are the eight selected startups (in alphabetical order, and not in any order of ranking):
  • Beentouch, Italy (Communications, Mobile Technology)
  • ExcessMaterialsExchange, Netherlands (GreenTech, Blockchain)
  • Holoroad, Poland (MedTech, VR)
  • Sinbad 360, Libya (Gaming, Mobile Technology)
  • Tarsos, Malta (MedTech, IoT)
  • TechWeave, Malta (eGovernment, Blockchain)
  • VERFiD, Malta (SecureTech, Blockchain)*
  • Zeew, Latvia (Transport, Mobile Technology, Blockchain)

* On 8 March VERFiD have communicated their intention to withdraw from the programme.
The following are the ones remaining from the original shortlist of 13 startups that pitched. These were in turn selected from a total number of 94 applications from 19 different countries.
  • Devoleum, Italy (AgriTech/FoodTech, Blockchain)
  • NinjaMoba, Malta (Gaming, Big Data)
  • Paddly, Malta (SecureTech, IoT)
  • RealtyMap, Malta (Real Estate, IoT/Blockchain)
  • Sound of Markets, Macedonia (FinTech, Mobile Technology)

Programme Timeline and Description 
We are looking for richer technological content and will once again privilege ideas that leverage the concept of using Malta as a testbed for digital products to launch on global markets. Applicants must demonstrate proper validation of the problem they are solving and customer segment they are targeting, as well as sustainability of the business model. Do not propose ideas based on an untested assumptions.
Emerging technologies and/or disruptive models such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things will be preferred over business ideas based on Apps and eCommerce, although these will not be excluded if the validation process is robust.
Click on the link button below to download the Guidelines of the call.

Startups selected for acceleration are expected to sign the Letter of Award with terms and conditions and startup responsibilities. These include the need to formalise into a business undertaking, generally a partnership en nom collectif registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority with an option to later incorporate into a limited liability company depending on future prospects resulting from the outcome of tests, further investment, etc. Click the button below to view a template of the Letter of Award.



Click here to download the presentation covering the entire MIH programme from November 2017 to June 2018.


The main changes with respect to the last edition of YouStartIT are (i) the introduction of a Social Impact Programme to ensure startups return some value to the local community and participate actively in our programme (ii) an improved process for the registration of startups as a business undertaking.


We strongly recommend that you start filling out the application form as early as possible and keep working on it online without submitting, as this gives us to opportunity to pre-assess online what you do and guide you accordingly through Design Thinking exercises.


Check our FAQs here for more details.  ​​​


Note for non-Maltese applicants 

If you are an EU national and​ a non-resident you are eligible to apply, as long as you register your startup as a business undertaking in Malta.
If you are a third country national (i.e. non-EU, e.g. US, Russia, Ukraine, etc.) you are also eligible to apply, as long as you register your startup as a business undertaking in Malta. However, if you are not a Maltese resident already, you should first check visa and residency permit requirements to ensure you are able to participate and complete the programme. If you require a visa to enter Malta, ensure you apply for one from the nearest Maltese consulate in your country the moment you are informed that you have been shortlisted. If you are eventually selected to join the YouStartIT#3 programme, we will allow a grace period of up to three weeks commencing on 26th February during which you will engage with us online or through video conferencing facilities.

Based on performance of the selected startup during the intake period, MIH is ready to endorse applications for renewal of 90-day visas for founders from countries that require a visa, as well applications for a residence permit for countries not requiring a visa. We will be provding more details in our FAQs later.