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Travel Zizi-MITA Innovation Hub

the business idea
Travel Zizi is a web service that facilitates users' search for holidays online. It does this by comparing the latest prices and availability of a number of online hotel, flight, tour and activity offers. It then combines them into grouped holiday packages displayed in a user friendly design & layout. This free service updates the holiday package prices and availability every day. Travel Zizi also provides users with a flexible search tool whereby users are able to search for a holiday either by budget, date or destination. The aim of this web service is to save users time and money when searching for holidays manually online. 

the startup
Travel Zizi is a free web service that facilitates a user's search for holidays online. It presents the user with an array of holiday packages using a user friendly design and layout. These packages are generated every day by comparing a number of online hotel, flight, and tour & activity offers. These offers are then combined to create the best budget holiday package deal for the user. Travel Zizi also provides a flexible search tool. A user is able to search for a holiday by either inserting their budget, dates, nights or destination. While searching, other holiday packages are presented to the user that might suit them better. The aim is to ensure that the user will make an informed decision on their next holiday.​


the team
Matthew Falzon is the founder and lead front-end developer and designer of Travel Zizi. He is a highly motivated individual with over 12 years of working experience in software development. Matthew has also worked freelance projects related to UX and UI design related web projects. His main focus is on user problems and providing genuine solutions for the user. Matthew graduated from London Metropolitan University with a B.Sc. Honours degree In Computing and Information Systems with London Metropolitan University in 2008

Karl Falzon is the founder and lead back-end developer of Travel Zizi. Having 10 years of working experience in various IT sectors and freelance work in software development, Karl has gained a wide range of knowledge and experience using Microsoft technologies. Karl has first-class analytical, design and problem solving skills using latest frameworks, and focuses on both front-end and back-end technologies. Karl earned his B.Sc. Honours degree in Computing and Information Systems with London Metropolitan University in 2009.

Marie-Jose’ Zammit is responsible for user analysis & testing for Travel Zizi. She earned her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Malta in 2009 and her master’s degree in Design and Digital Media at the University of Edinburgh in 2013. Such a diverse background has provided her with the expertise to craft quality experiences by balancing creative designs and functional development. Her main focus is on communication and human interaction, having a deep understanding of the user and striving to create innovative components focusing on interactivity.