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the business idea​

Many dog owners, especially those with little experience, often struggle to manage their dog's needs.
DogBox is an ecommerce playform that provides a complete solution for dog owners, providing all the goods and training their dog may need each month - in a box.
Upon visiting the DogBox landing page, customers will answer a series of questions about their dog and its lifestyle. This, in turn, is fed through the open-source DropBox algorithm, which createsa uniquely customized box, providing the perfect balance of wet and dry food, treats and activities for each dog.

the startup
DogBox is the easiest way to get to get your dog's needs from a high-quality and trustworthy source, which includes products for nutrition (dog food), mental stimulation (toys), behaviour improvements (treats and training advice), and good dentition (antlers & chews).
Coupled with the training guides, online community access, and online consultations which come with each box, our customers need not worry about the mundane aspects of dog ownership, focusing instead on fostering a fun and healthy relationship with their dog,
If you're tired of ordering half a dozen products for your dog each month, or tired of conflicting instructions on how best to feed and train your dog - then DogBox is the product for you.

​the team
Celia Slingsby has been training dogs for three years, first in Edinburgh for two years before coming to Malta to start DOGZEN training.
She is the head of branding and marketing at DogBox.

Daniel Xuereb comes from a general scientific background, with a Master in Environment and Development and curently runs the business side of DOGZEN training.
He is responsible for research and product development at DogBox.

Kris Camilleri has a Master's degree in computer science and has worked on various freelance enterprise, mobile and VR apps in the last few years. As the lead developer, he handles the user experience and software development at DogBox.