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Startups-MITA Innovation Hub

Ag​riStat is a SaaS product which aids wine producers in their raw material stage o​f their supply chain.​
​AC aims to produce a Smart AC solution that combines the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and produces a virtual circuit of connected devices in a field, through which the user can manage the devices remotely through an internet connection.

​DogBox is an ecommerce platform that provides a complete solution for dog owners, providing all the goods and training their dog may need each month - in a box
Need an extra pair of hands to handle your workload this week?
Looking for someone to step in on short notice?
No need to call around anymore - we have a solution,
With a couple of clicks we connect you with candidates nearby , available on demand.​


FreeHour is a mobile application designed to make meeting your friends on campus easy​ by providing the technology where students can input their timetable and then share it with their desired friends.

​Find & S​eek – Malta is an application that will serve the purpose of matching lost property to its rightful owners.
​Freshy is a platform that tackles the problem of food wastage in restaurants by allowing restaurateurs to offer last minute still fresh food deals to customers

​We developed an app that any idiot can use. We adopted the traditional concept of taking photos with a 35mm roll. FYLM is just the same. It’s a virtual roll inside your phone.

A digital serious game whose objective is to educate its target audience, about climate change, energy and the environment whilst still providing an immersive and fun experience.

​The aim of this project is to research and develop apps intended to make collections of Government data more open, searchable and accessible.  

​A startup specialising in developing urban planning software and integrating with GIS maps. They were selected for funding in December 2015 as part of the StartApp €15K call. 

This app is an aid to plan your journey​ by providing real-time information on traffic congestion and therefore avoiding the more heavily trafficked roads.


​A group o​f four students teamed up at the MITA Innovation Hub to build a mobile app to guide ramblers and visitors of Majjistral Park. ​

​​​Miles & Games Ltd. combines the worlds of digital games and rewards programs in innovative applications that reward gamers for their loyalty and introduce them to exciting new titles. 
​​Oddingo are winners of the Gamify-IT April 2015 call about digital serious games. Their game is a 2D platform game and each level is designed to show different aspects of information security.

​OTUS are a startup specialising on cultural heritage apps. They were selected for funding in December 2015 as part of the StartApp €15K call.


A digital serious game aimed to engage schoolchildren to learn about the physics of light through play. The story centres around a Ariana, who is new to our universe and wants to explore it through her magical journal. 

A SaaS solution for schools which addresses the problem of bullying and its effects on the physical and mental wellbeing of victims, by facilitating the reporting of bullying cases. 

An online platform that exploits off-peak times in restaurants and cafeterias as co-working spaces​ for freelancers and other mobile workers.  

SquareScope are winners of the Gamify-IT April 2015 call about digital serious games.Theirs is a strategy game about the Great Siege of Malta 1565 where players learn aboutthe events that occurred during the epic battle between the Ottoman Empire and the Knights of Malta.​​

​Travel Zizi is a web service that facilitates users' search for his holidays online. It does this by comparing the latest prices and availability of a number of online hotel, flight, tour and activity offers.