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Otus-MITA Innovation Hub

the business idea The open call - StartApp €15K - was issued in December 2014 for startups. From the 15 startups that submitted a proposal OTUS was the team that came first in the Cultural Heritage Theme. Further details on the call can be obtained here​​​.

the project People who visit Tarxien Temples without a guide find it very difficult to appreciate the story and importance behind the site. We decided that we should build an app which is as close as possible to a human guide. Our app will aim to be like that somebody with in depth knowledge about the place, somebody who knows what to point out and somebody who can respond to your questions but not only. Our app will also help the user visualize items and scenes which cannot be seen at the Temples anymore through 3D imagery. Additionally, our app will not only help visitors appreciate the history about the place but also the story of its discovery and excavation.

The app was launched in January 2016 and is available on both AppStore and Google Play.


the startup
Founded in January 2015, Otus is a software developing company that focuses on creating intuitive and innovative mobile applications targeting various national and international subjects. The team is made up of four people; three developers and a designer. Jurgen Cassar, Nicholas Gales and Christopher Portelli have a particular interest in web and mobile development, both front and back end. Elisa Calleja has a great passion for design and entrepreneurship, focusing on every detail to create user friendly applications. To contact Otus, kindly send an email to​

the team
Elisa Calleja has had a great passion for design since a very early age, which urged her to start set up her own company with clients both locally and abroad ( She aims to become an entrepreneur after she has concluded her university course, since she loves and admires the entrepreneurial lifestyle..
Jurgen Cassar is an Assistant Scout Leader at the Marsa Scouts Group and has a particular interest in web development and non-formal methods of teaching using technology. Being at the final months of his studies, he would like to start a business on his own as a part time which he hopes would develop to be his career in the successive years.

Nicholas Galea is a 20 year old in the final year of his bachelor’s degree with a particular interest in mobile and web development. As part of his thesis he is developing a mobile app which will recognize birds from their sounds. In summer 2014 he worked alongside Elisa to build the Majjistral Park app.

Christopher Portelli holds a particular fascination towards front end and back end web development. Besides following a degree course in IT, he is also a technical assistant at a local community radio station. In the near future he is hopeful of starting a career in IT, with further plans of taking freelancing opportunities to acquire new skills.​