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Knowledge ODDitY (Knowledge through Open Data Discovery)

the idea

The advances in information technologies are bringing about a continuous increase in their usage by state authorities, governments and executive bodies as well as the general public. This is resulting in a huge amount of data that is being generated on a daily basis by these entities. Apart from presenting new challenges when it comes to harvesting and processing such data, its availability as Open Data presents new exciting opportunities to make this data accessible for the citizens’ consumption. The aim behind this project is to create a number of apps intended to make collections of Government data more open, searchable and accessible. The first app is called PQViz and it exploits the collection of Parliamentary Questions (PQs) by leveraging on the interaction between Members of Parliament (MPs) from the different parties and presents an interesting, interactive visualisation through which users can more intuitively understand questions like: who asked whom about what, who asked the most PQs, and who answered them. 

the team
Dr Charlie Abela is a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems within the Faculty of ICT at the University of Malta. He holds a PhD in the area of Personal Information Management and is an Open Data promoter. His research focuses on bridging the areas of Linked Open Data, Big Data, Graph Analytics and Visualisations.

Dr Joel Azzopardi obtained his Ph.D. in ICT in 2012, and has been a full-time resident academic at the Department of Intelligent Computers Systems within the University of Malta (Faculty of ICT) since October 2013. His PhD involved the analysis and processing of unstructured news reports text. His main research interests include knowledge discovery, text mining, text categorisation, and information retrieval. He has substantial experience in the harvesting and processing of open data, including environmental numeric data, as well as textual government data (such as Parliamentary Questions).