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Ludoi-MITA Innovation Hub

the business idea

The aim of the application is aid users in planning their journey by providing real-time information on the level of traffic congestion on the roads. The solution helps the commuter avoid traffic congestion by choosing a quicker and less trafficked, thus providing also a less polluted route. The solution is based on a crowdsourcing approach, whereby the users running the app, to see the traffic data, will also contribute their current GPS position and speed, in order to enhance the accuracy of the data​

the startup
Ludoi was founded in 2012 to develop rich applications and games that run on all popular platforms including iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry. We develop a variety of apps for mobile, web and desktop, ranging from productivity and business to gaming, leisure and social apps development. Our team is capable of handling a wide range of applications. We've worked with the latest technologies and will use our experience to implement the proposed application. Visit our website at

the team
Kenneth Bugeja is a B. Accountancy (Hons.) graduate and a certified public accountant, specialised in data analytics. He is responsible for the business side of Ludoi, as well as helping in the technical side, with the design and development of mobile and web applications. He has over 8 years of data analysis expertise, and is currently reading an MSc. in Business Intelligence Systems and Data Mining at the De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

Dorian Bugeja is currently completing a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence (Big Data Stream) at the University of Malta, after achieving a Bachelor degree (Hons.) in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the named university. His main duties at Ludoi include the development and implementation of complex algorithms, together with providing the overall technical direction. His areas of specialisation are computation intelligence and data mining.

Daniel Gauci is a software developer with a passion for design. He is currently reading for the B.SC. IT (Hons) in Software Development at the University of Malta. His main area is the development and publishing of smartphone and wearable apps. Apart from development, he is also into design and hold the position of graphic designer of the ICT student association (ICTSA) subcommittee. Past work include the design of a number of posters including the ICTSA Industry Expo Poster and the Health Promotion Malta: Drink & Drive Campaign Poster.​