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the business idea

FreeHour is a mobile application designed to make meeting your friends on campus easy by providing the technology where students can input their timetable and then share it with their desired friends. Once this is done, the app then compares the timetables and provides the user with the days and times throughout the week where both friends share common free time together, making meeting on campus super easy. Other than that, FreeHour also offers many student relevant features such a stipend countdown and a student offers feature.

the startup
FreeHour is growing fast among students in Malta and aims to become to go - to app for all students on different campuses. The app started being developed in December 2016 and launched a few months later in March 2017. FreeHour now has over 2800 downloads and thousands of monthly active users.
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the team
Zach Ciappara is a university student studying Business and I.T. in Malta. He is responsible for directing and leading the team along with developing and pursuing the vision for FreeHour.

Herman Ciappara has graduated in Management and has over 25 years of experience in different areas such as finance and banking. He helps with the understanding of technical discussions along with providing both legal and financial consulntancy.

Chris Borg is the head of FreeHour's developing team. With years of experience in software development with has oner Vioside, Chris leads a team of 3 with regards to the back end technology and development of the app on both Android and iOS.