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FindSeek-MITA Innovation Hub

the business idea

Find & Seek – Malta is an application developed for iOS, Android and Windows technology that will serve the purpose of matching lost property to its rightful owners. It will be very intuitive and simple to use – simply take a photo of the item that has been found, add a brief description, categorise it, tag its location on the map and simply wait until its owner claims it.

the startup
Find & Seek Malta is a Maltese start-up focusing on application development on various platforms. The company formed in early 2016 in response to the call issued by MITA. The team consists of three members with multidisciplinary skills in software design & development and corporate finance, and are committed to developing innovative and intuitive applications.​

the team
Keith Farrugia is the team coordinator and idea owner. He holds a MSc. in Economics (Warwick) degree, a BSc. Financial Services (Manchester) degree, a B. Accountancy (Malta) degree and is a Certified Public Accountant with nine years work experience in various industries, including the software and gaming industry. Keith enjoys doing handy work in his free time as it permits lateral thinking and logical problem solving. He also has a flare and passion for technology and finding new and better ways of doing things.
Piotr Bonarski is a Malta-based internet entrepreneur, UX practitioner, and agile product owner. For the past 6 years he has been helping business across Europe and the US to design, develop, and market their software products and services. Piotr has been involved in development and implementation of multiple complex software platforms - CRM and multi-touchpoint business enquiry systems, ERP-integrated corporate intranet, an electronic trading and financial portfolio management platform, performance marketing management system, as well as social and mobile apps.

Aleksei Semiglasov is a professional software developer with expertise in designing and developing solutions using a variety of different technologies. For the past 15 years he has helped design and implement scalable software solutions for media and government sectors across Europe and the US. Aleksei has been involved in development and implementation of multiple complex software platforms, hotel booking services, payment solutions, social and mobile apps.