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Business Mentors

MITA Startups that are guided by a business mentor stand a higher chance of success compared to others that aren't. So besides providing technical and project management mentorship ourselves based on our 25-year legacy, we make it a point to put you in t​ouch with an experienced business entrepreneur who can either provide direct mentorship, or match you with a mentor relevant to your business idea.

Reuben Borg

Reuben Borg is a startup enthusiast, with a focus on technological innovation. Reuben comes from a UX, content & product management background, and currently works for Aurea Software as an Architect for Product Creative Services. He also co-founded two st​artups and is an organiser of Malta Startup Weekend. Speak to Reuben on ideation, team, business process, user experience and design.

Jaroslav Bialek ​​

Jaroslaw​ Bialek has worked as a manager, startup co-founder and cons​ultant​ in the FinTech sector since ​2004. He is actively involved in the global ​star​tup ecosystem, collaborating with several organisations​ as​ a startup mentor and organizer​ and facilitator of eve​nts t​hat pr​omote technological entrepreneurship​.

Stefan Buttigieg

Stefan Buttigieg.png
​​​Stefan is a Speci​alist Trainee in Public Health Medicine with a special interest in Clinical Informatics, Social Media and Digital Health.
He is also​ a​n Author, Tutor and Digital Health Consultant engaged on creating transformative and effective change.
Stefan is focused on expan​ding his knowledge within the field of Public Health, Social Media, Biomedical Informatics, Project Management and Mobile Development with the main aim of empowering healthcare professionals to design, develop and distribute user-centric applications for healthcare.
He is very passionate about establishing contacts with people from all walks of life as he feels energised when helping people in achieving their technological goals and vision.

Jesmond Darmanin

Jesmond Darmanin is a Brand & Online Marketing specialist with a special focus on IT, Web and mobile​​ technologies. Technology is a core of​ eve​ry​thing he doe​s.
H​e leads a marketing team of a local group of companie​s and takes care of their online marketing strategy an​d transition plans.
Before that, he worked for 10 years in a leading role within the digital marketing team of an inte​rnati​onal software company, and he​ gained a vast experience working on a large scale marketing/advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, social media, SEM, SEO, web projects and many other initiatives. Jesmond is al​so the co-founder of Riix Software, a startup that has developed an anti-bully​ing service that enable online bullying reporting for schools and other com​mercial organisations​.

Ravinder Deol


​Ravinder creates products to help people learn about Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Tech. He has created B21 Block, and Bitcoin Academy alon​g with other partners.
B21 Block is​ an online Cryptocurrency & Blockchain School teaching a community of 75,000+ Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Learners. All delivered online through quality, engaging & practical videos lectures with a team of co-instructors.
Bitcoin Academy helps fast track individuals into the new economy, with the help of expert instructors. It's the most comprehensive Bitcoin masterclass available. Teaching everything about Bitcoin and the wider ecosystem at depth.

Chris Grech
Chris Grech is a cross between a finance and a tech guy
An Accountant by profession, Chris is obsessed with making any process more efficient - which is also why he learnt to code. Over the past 10 years, Chris worked in tax at PwC and in various roles at MeDirect Bank - including regulatory, finance and project management.
Chris blogs on financial matters and used to write for the local media on the subject.

Chris Grech.png

Angelika Lattne
​​​​Angelika is an IT and Sales Consultant by profession with a passion for Change Management.
She has more 20 years of international experience in several positions and industries.
She has been developing business solutions in challenging ICT settings involving scenarios as div​erse as worldwide software roll-outs, organisat​ional restructuring, EMEA audits, key account m​anagement in B2B tech-sales and the building up sales teams  and processes.
Her involvment in the emergence of startup ecosystems across Europe comprises various collaborations, consulting, training and mentoring of early and later stage startups in sectors as diverse as Social Media, 3D Printing, HR, Data Analytics, IOT, Travel, eCommerce, MedTech and many more​.

Pierre Mallia
Pierre is a 25 year veteran of the ICT industry. He has extensive experi​ence in a range of sectors including the public sector, telecommunicatio​ns, software development, manufacturing, healthcare, tr​ansport, financial services and recruitment.
Pierre has worked for a number of startup companies including a Swedish dot-com company and then seven ​years working with Microsoft Corporation as a Country Manager. He has served on a number of boards for vari​ous companies, and presently runs two internationally focussed​ startups.
Pierre is a Kingston University graduate in computer science and has followed executive development programmes at the National University of Singapore and INSEAD.

Pierre Mallia for MIH website.png

Angelika Micallef Trigona​
 Angelica Micallef Trigona.png

​An experienced marketing and human resources management professional, Angelica is VP, People at msales. She commenced her career in 1995 in the news media industry. I​n 1999, she joined GFI Software - then a start-up - ​where she o​ccupied various roles, heading worldwide marketing and H​R teams, projects and processes.
In 2014, she joined AAT Research Ltd, an innovator in the neurotechnology sphere, as Chief Marketing and Operations Officer. Angelica holds a first class B.A. (Hons) in Communications Studies from the University of Malta​.

Russell Misfud

Russell is a Senior Manager at KPMG and focuses exclusively on the Gaming industries a​nd Digital space. He strives to anticipate new trends on a ​global s​cale in order to best advise KPMG’s clientele about opportunities within the sector.
Licensing, strategic ​initiatives, compliance,​ financing, M&As, D&A, disruptive te​chn​ologies​, affiliate marketing and gamification are some of the key areas that​ he specialises in​.
russellmifsud Resize.png

Andrea Risa ​​
andrearisa resize.png
Andrea has 20 years of experience spent in Large Corporates, Growt​h Phase startups and Early Stage Startups.
He lived and worked​ in 6 ​Countries: Finland, The Philippines, Singapore, France, Germany, Latvia and he is now back in Italy running an incubator in Pescara  and consulting and training large corporates on Digital Transformation Issues.
He holds a Master's Degree in Economics and Marketing from LUISS University in Rome and an MBA from INSEAD.

Sarah Suda
Sarah is an independent technology and business consultant with a focus on product management and requirements analysis.
She started her career in technology 12 years ago at the head of one of Malta​’s ​main web development studios and gained experience in competitor and market research plus product marketing, whilst working with some of Malta’s most prominent international software companies.
She subsequently moved into business analysis and product management​ both in Malta and London where she has worked on several omni-channel retail and digital health projects amongst some of the biggest brands in the world. Whilst in London, she also formed part of Boots digital innovation lab as senior business analyst and joined the product team at the London based digital health-tech startup Babylon Health​.
Sarah Suda.png

Deborah Webster
 deborahwebster resize.png

Deborah has a successful track record in identifying top talent, and building and retaining high performance teams, with a focus on f​inancial ​servic​es, telecoms and family businesses.
She has keen cultural sensitivity and a unique ability to understand what makes people tick.
She has developed the AMA​NI methodology - the ingredients and framewo​rk behind top talent, high performance teams and compa​nies with​ principles​​.

Johan Zammit

Johan has one passion - leading great teams in creating cutting edge software products​​.
He lives this passion every day. Johan is NetRefer's Director of Strategic Project, a company he co-founded back in 2005.
NetRefer has been Johan's focus ever since.
Year after year NetRefer grew steadliy into a successful international player in the performance marketing industry.
Through various roles over 20 year: as an entrepreneur, director, CTO, web development manager, internet business consultant and developer, Johan spent his time helping organisations get the most out of the Internet.
Johan Zammit photo.png


Matthew Zammit
​Matthew is a ​digi​tal Stategist focusing on Customer-led Digital Transformation. His passion for marketing feeds into a product management ​to prioritise development based on customer pain points to impact business operations.
​​He has served in various roles across strategy, technology, marketing, consumer behavior, inventory management, customer experience and p​roduct management.
​Current acti​n​g as an intrapreneur developing mobile products and steering digital strategy at CEO and C-suite executive level.
He loves​ to break down complex ideas into understandable concepts showing clear benefits and uses this to teach and act as a Digital Evangelist.
Matthew c​an help you to clarify your message and presenting it in a way which resonates​​.