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Previous Calls

​​​STARTAPP 2.0 ​​​The MITA Innovation Hub (MIH) is offering two grants of €15,000 each for the ​development of a proof-of-concept based on the development of two innovativ​ely des​igned apps using earth observation and geo-spatial data made available by the European Co​pernicus Programme and by various Maltese P​ublic Sector entities.​​
Gamify IT
Summer Call for Stud​ents to develop a Digital Serious Game in one of three thematic a​reas - the Gamification of Learnin​g Science Subjects, the Gamification of National History and the Gamification of Information Security Awareness. Teams will be awarded a cash prize of ​​€2,000 and a paid placem​ent at the MITA Innovation Hub to work on their project.​
StartAPP 15k In December 2014, the MITA Innovation Hub (MIH) offered startups two grants of €15,000 each for the development of a proof-of-concept based on the two innovatively designed Mobile Apps in two separate thematic areas - development planning and cultural heritage.