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 Current Call - YouStartIT #1
​Applications closed & programme underway
FIVE startups selected to follow the YouStartIT acceleration programme and receive a pre-seed investment of €22,000. Incorporation is underway and prototypes are being worked on. ​


Upcoming Call -​ YouSt​artIT #2
​Equipping startups to do better
After the huge response to the first YouStartIT call for startups - 19 pitches! - we are happy to start publishing the timeline and more details about the next edition of YouStartIT. We are also working closely with Malta Startup Weekend.


​ Startups
















To view a complete list of projects, click below 



Blog Posts
How we came up with our THATSpace idea
Many complain it’s not easy to come up with a good business idea and make it happen. In reality, a good business idea is really a solution for a problem shared by a group of people, but turned into a business opportunity. Here's how we started.
Getting out of the building
Few startups usually fail due to the technology. Many fail because they haven't made the effort of learning about their customers. When they do it is too late.