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Rules of Engagement

For peace of mind of our affiliates and supporting partners clear rules of engagement are a guarantee of a successful business relationship:

    • We support business ideas based on the application of digital technologies.
    • Anyone can apply for our calls for startups as long as they conform to the rules governing each call.
    • In our calls for startups we generally ask for a minimum team complement (usually three) to ensure prototype or product delivery within a short timeframe (usually 16-20 weeks).
    • You do not need to be a registered business undertaking when applying for our calls, but if you are selected to follow our acceleration programme you are expected to initiate the process of registration into a business undertaking.
    • We do not take any share or equity in your business.
    • We will not commercially exploit any proprietary technologies such as software, hardware, infrastructure or intellectual property provided by our supporting partners.
    • We consider learning and experimentation to be the overriding benefit for our affiliates, including when their projects or ideas fail.
    • We foster a culture of trust with and between our affiliates and partners.
    • We do not harbour any preference for any proprietary technology.
    • Startups applying for our calls will be asked to deliver a public pitch of their proposed idea.