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13 October 2017

Malta's first conference specifically targeted towards nurturing innovation. A gathering for executives, educators, professionals, leaders, innovators and CEOs who are constantly pushing innovation within their organisations.

19-20 Sep 2017

ZEST is a two-day event for the startup community in the Mediterranean and surrounding regions. ZEST presents an ideal platform for networking and showcasing disruptive tech innovations.

MCA Innovation
18 September 2017

Startup Open Club at Thirsty Barber, Paceville. How do startups connect to form communities and build a thriving startup ecosystem in a place that’s not London, Berlin or Paris? A chat with Natalie Smolenski, a cultural anthropologist and philosopher who leads business development for a blockchain technology startup, Learning Machine.

MITA Innovation Hub
10 August 2017

The MITA Innovation Hub will start organising a series of informal Startup Open Club meetups for the local startup community. Startup founders all have their unique skills, talents and experiences which could make a great difference to other aspiring entrepreneurs if transferred or shared socially in a cool, relaxed environment. For each meetup we will be asking a startup to present a short 30-minute talk about some strength they have in a particular area, e.g. growth hacking, UI/UX, mobile app development frameworks, etc. The list is really endless. Each Meetup will be public and open to anyone from the startup community to attend. The topic for the first edition of Startup Open Club is the differences between plan driven and agile methodologies, and when to use which in a startup environment. The speaker will be Patrick Streppel from YouStartIT#2 affiliate Miles and Games.

MITA Innovation Hub
27-28 July 2017

The MITA Innovation Hub will be hosting a Scrum training course organised by GozoLab exclusively for two MITA project teams - Taxation and Health

GozoLab and MITA Innovation Hub
25-26 July 2017

The MITA Innovation Hub will be hosting a Scrum training course organised by GozoLab for local SMEs and startups

5 July 2017

Workshop co-organized by Inspiralia and MITA Innovation Hub covering Horizon 2020-SME Instrument and other EU funding opportunities for Maltese companies.

Inspiralia and MITA Innovation Hub

Upcoming Event Calendar

The MITA Innovation Hub organised a number of events in the previous months. For upcoming events click here.