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startAPP 2.0 - three startups receive €22K seed investment

open call - using earth observation and geo-spatial data


The MITA Innovation Hub (MIH) awarded startups three grants of €22,000 each for a proof-of-concept based on the development of two innovatively designed apps. Each grant includes a cash injection of 


The apps must address a problem in public administration or wider civil society using free and publicly available earth observation and geo-spatial data sourced from the European Copernicus​ programme and other datasets made available by various Maltese public sector entities, among them the Government Geo-Portal​. The value of the ideas proposed must be validated by market research aimed to test a hypothesis that citizens or businesses will use and consume such a proposed solution.


The selected Startups will experience transformation of their idea into a prototype for testing, deployment and use in a real life scenario, while enjoying the benefits of developing and retaining their own Intellectual Property. They will also gain the privilege of ongoing interaction with MITA, the MCST and a reputable organisation appointed by the European Space Agency to assist in the transformation of the data into meaningful information. Depending on the technologies chosen to support the proof-of-concept, the MIH will also liaise with any multinational partner interested in providing technical mentorship or resources of relevance to the project.


Click on the link below to get the full details about the call which has now closed.



Pitching Your Ideas - Saturday 12th March 16:00 SmartCity 

The EIGHT startups that submitted a proposal met at SmartCity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges and a hall packed with 70 people. Guests and winners of the Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise (JAYE) Startup Programme, Costantin Bignoli and Christian Duc Dzuy, were , Costantin Bignoli and Christian Duc Dzuy, were also present to pitch their "Health Literacy Business Challenge".

The interlude between the pitches and the announcement of startups selected to receive the seed investment, featured a presentation by Karl Grech about Malta's ZAAR Crowd Funding platform.

1630 hours - 1645 hours Introduction by MITA Innovation Hub 
1645 hours - 1720 hours Pitching Presentations: Ludoi - SIRS - Find&Seek - GreenScanner - JAYE SUP winners
1720 hours - 1730 hours Coffee Break
1800 hours - 1820 hours Pitching Presentations: Galley's Malta - AgriStat - Solify - CloudBosses - ZAAR Crowd Funding
1810 hours - 1845 hours Networking Break
​​1845 hours - 1900 hours Announcement of Winners
1900 hours  Celebration drinks


Startup/Business Idea Co-founders' names Abstract





Kenneth Bugeja

Dorian Bugeja

Kevin Psaila

A B2C solution consisting of an app for solving the problem of traffic congestion by choosing a quickler or less trafficked or less polluted route. The solution is based on a crowdsourcing approach. Users download the app, register and switch on their GPS location feature.​


Clayton Oliva
Thomas Briffa

Ilya Florenskiy

A B2G solution consisting of a web portal featuring functionalities for the smart monitoring/detection of road subsidence monitoring through the use of satellite imagery. It includes opportunities for predictive modelling for the purpose preventive maintenance.

Find & Seek

Keith Farrugia
Piotr Bonarki
Aleksey Semiglasov

A B2C solution consisting of a mobile app to allow the general public to report, locate, find or retrieve any lost or found property and get in touch with their rightful owner or vice versa.

Crop Sentinel (previously GreenScanner)​

James Attard
Dr. Petramay Attard Cortis​

A B2C GIS SaaS solution for farmers to use for the purpose of better managing arable land, specifically vegetation health, soil moisture and soil temperature.

Just in Time Travel

Ruben Curmi​

A B2C app to be used as a travel aid for public transport users who would be able to retrieve information about bus stage location, bus arrival time, interchanges and bus route numbers.


Etienne Buttigieg
Dylan Schembri
Neil Farrugia 

 B2B SaaS solution for winegrowers to use for monitoring the health and status of vegetation and plants, and better plan land use and planting seasons.

Castaldi Christian
Buhagiar Eman
Gauci Francesca
Agius Keith​

 B2B and B2G solution for architecture, agriculture and botany, renewable energy installations, waterproofing and temperature control, and planning authorities having the need to simulate or measure the impact of urban development on solar panels for the purpose of better planning and designing solar panel installations.

Pjaneta/Cloud Bosses ​​

Stephan Borg
Jonathan Mallia
Johann Mifsud
Daniel Vella 

A​ B2B and B2C solution consisting of a web portal that transforms raw satellite data into more interpretable and usable infographics expressing information such as heat maps, graphs and history of land changes over time for use by Project Managers, Architects, Draughtpersons, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Agriculture Surveyors and Environmentalists, as well as for the general public.



The ones that were selected to receive the startAPP 2.0 seed fund are: 

Ludoi​​ ​AgriStat

(extraordinary MIH award for disruptiveness)

project timeline
Call Publication​ ​12th November 2015
Information and Networking Session​ 26th November 2015
​Design Thinking Session 1 9th December 2015
​User Needs Scoping Session 16th December 2015
​Design Thinking Session 2 17th December 2015
​Design Thinking Session 3 8th January 2016
​Hands-On Training with ESA Toolbox​ 1st February 2016
​Proposal Outline Submission ​8th February 2016
Proposal Submission​ ​29th February 2016
Evaluation period 7th to 12th March 2016
​Pitching Your Ideas* ​12th March 2016
Project Kick-off​* ​29th March 2016
​Training Seminars/Workshops* ​4th April - 30th April 2016
Demonstration of prototype* ​15th July 2016
Submission of Project Final Report* 12th August 2016

Timelines subject to change.​

  Details about the venue will be communicated on our website.​

  Sessions to be held during the evening.​ 


get in touch
To help participants we have uploaded FAQsOpenCallFAQs.pdfOpenCallFAQs.pdf​​ and a checklist startAPP2.0checklist.pdf​ to help with the proposal submission.  Always watch out for any updates about planned activities and related venues on this webpage. For queries send us an email on​​
grant terms and conditions
The selected Startups will be required to sign a Letter of Award appending all the terms and conditions governing this call.
formative training 
The MIH will provide approximately 30 hours of just-in-time formative training programme as part of the call. The training will be held during the evenings and shall consist of: 
a) Three (3) sessions of Design Thinking workshops aimed to help prospective teams better shape and validate their ideas and therefore submit a proposal of higher quality. The sessions will be available to anyone interested in applying for the call. Participation in these workshops is not mandatory but highly recommended (these sessions were delivered in December and January). 
b) Seven (7) seminars aimed to boost the knowledge of the Startup members. Topics covered will include guidelines on incorporation, marketing, intellectual property, startup funding, using a lean canvas and related themes. These seminars are mandatory for all members of the Startups selected for funding.